Lint4j Maven Plugin

Lint4j comes with a Maven Plugin that simplifies generation of reports significantly. This section contains installation and usage instructions.


The Lint4j maven plugin has the following requirements:

  • JDK or JRE 1.4.x
  • Maven 1.x

The plugin has not yet been tested with Maven 2.


To install the plugin add the following snippet to the dependencies section of your project.xml


Then add the following snippet to the reports section of the reports section of your project.xml


Add the following line to the project's file:


If you need to connect through a proxy, see the Maven Properties Page for details.

Plugin Properties

Property NameDescription
maven.lint4j.levelThe warning level, default value is "3". Valid range is from 1-5.

Sample Report

The SoapUi project has a nicely integrated Lint4j report in their Maven build.