The Lint4j Gauntlet Plugin requires an installation of Eclipse 3.2 or later on each machine that will generate a report. Typically, there is an installation required for each developer, and one for the build machine.


The Plugin is installed using the Eclipse Plugin Manager by creating an update site with the URL If you are not familiar with the update manager, please read the detailed installation instructions.

A zip file download of the latest version is also available, if you have problems with a proxy server. The archive contains a local update site that has to be installed with the Eclipse Update Manager.

No matter if the plugin is downloaded via a local or a remote update site, both the Lint4j core and the Lint4j Gauntlet plugin need to be installed, as shown in the picture below. After accepting the license and installing the plugins, Eclipse will need to restart. Lint4j is now ready to be used in your Gauntlet builds.

A picture of the update manager dialog showing both the Lint4j    core plugin and the Gauntlet plugin selected.