Lint4j Eclipse Plugin

Eclipse is the perfect environment for using Lint4j. Problems can be reported as soon as the source is saved, and the Eclipse problem marker system allows for easy navigation to the offending line in the source file. Lint4j handles Java 1.0 to 6 source code. Packages and files can be excluded from the analysis, which is useful for generated code such as parsers, JAXB and web services bindings. The warnings can be individually enabled and disabled for each project, allowing the developer to focus on the audits that matter for the project.

The plugin overview is available at the following link.


The Plugin is installed using the Eclipse Plugin Manager. Create an update site with the URL or read the detailed installation instructions.

A zip file download of the latest version is also available, if you have problems with a proxy server. The changelog contains the list of changes for each release.


The plugin requires Eclipse 3.1 or 3.2, running on JDK 1.4 or later.

Screen Shots

Click on each thumbnail for a large picture of the Lint4j features.

Screenshot of the Lint4j Eclipse Plugin shows several warnings discovered in the JBoss source codeScreenshot of the Lint4j Eclipse Plugin shows the 40 warnings that can be enabled and disabled individually.