Lint4j adds support for Borland's Gauntlet application lifecycle management product with the Gauntlet plugin for Eclipse in close collaboration with the Gauntlet team. Please also see the Borland Press Release for details.

Lint4j Mission

Lint4j ("Lint for Java") is a static Java source and byte code analyzer that detects locking and threading issues, performance and scalability problems, and checks complex contracts such as Java serialization by performing type, data flow, and lock graph analysis.

Lint4j was created to help software developers detect defects and security vulnerabilities before writing the first test case. Lint4j saves time during code reviews as well, so developers can focus on getting business logic right. The Ant and Maven plugins provide a simple integration path into continuous builds with Borland's Gauntlet, Cruise Control, AntHill and others.

The Lint4j Eclipse plugin simplifies the discovery and resolution of potential problems during development